Last year, the talented Perth artist Janet Pan from Little Sketchy, started The Little Heroes of Perth initiative to create beautiful personalized artwork for WA children facing serious or life-threatening illness or disability. By sharing their stories, she hoped to bring joy to their families and inspire the community. She certainly inspired me. I believe we all have a ‘superpower’ and Janet’s is very clearly stated on the business card I picked up at Upmarket a couple of years ago: she draws things that make you smile. Seriously, I dare you to frown at Mr Hammy!


I was personally drawn to this project because the concept really struck a chord with me. My parents lost their first daughter to leukemia many years ago and although I have always known of  the grief in their hearts, it was only when I became a mother myself that I could begin to understand the depth of it. Last year I created a print for the Little Heroes but this year, I thought of another way to help the project. Like most of my ideas, this came about late one night, glass of wine in hand, as I was meant to be organizing my already busy schedule.

My vision for the Perth Playroom Project was to organize a styled photo shoot showcasing local businesses and gaining exposure for the Little Heroes community project. I would organize a playful space to display the products and provide styled photos to all the businesses involved. They would in exchange share the pictures on their social media channels, talk about the Little Heroes of Perth and encourage others to get involved, support and donate. The response from local business owners was inspiring in itself- many donated and pledged a percentage of their sales over the following month to the Little Heroes of Perth. Everyone involved will contribute towards the ongoing support of these families and share the kindness of artists who donate their skill to bringing joy to kids who are dealing with challenges beyond what childhood should involve.

We don’t live in a perfect world, but we all have the incredible ability to make a difference to someone’s world, it just takes a small act of kindness. That’s what I wanted to do with this project: inspire others in the same way Janet inspired me. So here's my question to you: How are you going to make a difference?          


The local businesses who jumped in to help and generously contributed to the Perth Playroom Project

Le Petit Cadre, When Cara Met Rex, Happy As Larry Designs, Snow Cherry Media, Bubbaroo, Twenty Two Folds, Ravos Natural, Cube 21, The Toffee Tree, Batdog and The Bear, HoweandZo, Chops and Pie Co, Earthly Guardians, Rock Paper Scrabble.


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Little Heroes of Perth is now managed by Communified, a local grass-roots charity which has been operating since 2014, and is run entirely by volunteers to supports families who have a child with a serious illness or disability.



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